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Academic Research Services

Academic Research Services

We support Masters students and Doctorate candidates with qualitative and quantitative analysis for chapter 4 of their dissertations within 7 days, motivation and encouragement to complete their dissertations in time for submission.

Complete Chapter 4 in 7 Days.

Curious Crew Experience

25 years experience in the field of data analysis, statistical analysis, research methodologies, data processes and have in our journey used our capabilities to build statistical models for banks like FNB, ABSA and JSE, we have build products and provided influential input to customer centricity models and risk prediction and management models.

With my statistical qualification in Mathematical statistics, mathematical science and business management . 

Curious crew- has been in operation for 2 years and have supported just under 35 masters and 5 Doctorate  candidates with 100% pass rate and 80% of those in distinctions. 12 of researches we have supported are published on places like research gate and South African Medical journals. 

We are the experts in research data handling, research methodologies and report writing 

Data Sample Calculator

  • The calculator below will assist you to estimate the number of sample units to get to a statistically significant number. A significant sample size will bring your results closer to the actual population studied.
  • In case you know the population, you can amend the standard deviation and the margin of error to reflect those of the known population.
Confidence Level
Margin of error
Standard Deviation

Click here in case you need more help with the calculator.

Client Benefits:


Data Analysis Process in Five Steps

Step #1

Research Strategy

Get the Research aim, Objectives, Research questions and Methodology reviewed and  approved.

Step #2

About the Data

Collect data aligned to the research aim and methodology. Data can be collected manually or electronically. It can be qualitative and quantitative. 

Step #3

Preparation for Analysis

This process will ensure that your data is correctly coded and structure fit for the planned statistical techniques.  

Step #4

Data Analysis

This process will ensure that none of the data collected go to waste and that all the research objectives and questions are answered 

Step #5


Data analysis is not written in English. It is important to get interpretation correct and simplified for non mathematicians to understand and comprehend.

Testimonials From our Clients

"I worked with Gerry during a very challenging time and complex medical research project. Her extensive statistical knowledge and analysis enabled her to extend her skills in this field quite well."
"I can never thank you enough Gerry"
Univeristy of Pretoria
Thank you so much Gerry. The support I got from you pulled me through the tough times. I was deep in a dark place, and I had no hope that I’ll ever finish
Univeristy of Pretoria
"I was always impressed with her way of thinking out of the box and how she saw different ways of presenting the information. Patience, persistence and resilience are definitely some of her best qualities! She was also instrumental in presenting that information and assisted in the choice of the statistical language that could be presented in the final paper!"
"I Just thought that I should thank you for your kindness, professionalism, punctuality and wholesome work ethic"
Sefako Makgatho
"Morning Gerry, just wanted to let you know that I have submitted my final paper with confidence, your work is great and I have shared your details with others because I think your love must be spread widely."
Wits Business School

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